SAIC MG4 Electric "Global Car" and the First "100,000 Vehicles" in Overseas Market

31/08/2022 | Global news

On July 21st, 2022, the first batch of 1000 units "global pure electric hatchback MG4 ELECTRIC ("MG FOR ELECTRIC", which demonstrates the strength and determination of MG brand's transformation to electrification") depart to the European market. MG4 Electric will be launched in Europe in the fourth quarter of this year.


Based on the brand new electric MSP (Modular Scalable Platform) of SAIC Motor, this global model  benchmarks with the world-class level in terms of design, safety, environmental protection and quality.


From January to June, 2022, MG sold more than 45000 vehicles in Europe, and ranks among the top10 in the BEV market in Sweden, Norway and other countries. This Year, Europe market will be the first overseas market of SAIC Motor in which sales volume achieved “ 100,000”.



Global Market


Possessing the leading overseas market scale and the most complete EV product portfolio in the world, SAIC Motor accurately grasps the diversified needs of overseas consumers for safety, environmental protection, intelligence, driving experience and other aspects and fully combines its own world-class new MSP, intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving and other innovative technologies with these needs.



MG4 Electric, as a global vehicle, will be launched first in the European market, including Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and other countries. Also, It is planed to be launched in Australia and New Zealand, the Middle East, Mexico, South America and other regions next year, covering the key regional markets of six continents around the world.



Global design


The MG4 Electric is jointly designed by the global team of "SAIC design". It has a low lying and wide body shape, a poised posture, an appearance with a sense of science and technology, and personalized design details.



Global Safety


ENCAP is famous for its rigorous testing procedures, and the MG4 Electric is developed aiming at the European five-star safety standard. This product benefits from the unique structural design of the new MSP. It adopts the industry-leading three vertical impact force load-paths and the leading "zero thermal runaway " protection system to provide extraordinary security.



Global Environmental Protection


MG4 Electric is built in line with the world's most stringent environmental standards, and meets the most stringent European standards such as REACH and E-MARK, which have the highest standards and thresholds, so as to truly enable global consumers to enjoy the world's high product quality.



Global Quality


MG4 Electric is equipped with world-class tri-electric technology. The battery innovatively adopts horizental cell design and advanced Cell To Pack (CTP) technology, which makes the space utilization rate of the whole car larger and the efficiency greatly improved. In addition, the high-power density electric motor, the rear wheel drive system with the 5-link independent rear suspension, the 50:50 front and rear axle load ratio and the ADAS standard for the whole models bring excellent driving experience with pure electric vehicle.