Maximize the customers’ benefit: MG equips PM2.5 purified system on most of its products

24/07/2021     |     News-events

People always think that inside a car is a fresh air but it is not the true. As research of Prof. Stephen Holgate, Asthma expert at University of Southampton, air pollution in car is 9 – 12 times higher than outside. To understand this issue, the PM2.5 purified system has been directly integrated through the air conditioning system of both MG HS and MG ZS to customer’s better health.


Today, in urban areas, the situation of PM 2.5 fine dust exceeding the permissible level is happening in most of cities in the world, especially in big cities and industrial zones. 30 times smaller than a human hair, these “silent killers” are almost undetectable. This is also the main cause of cardiovascular, respiratory and neurological diseases. These harmful even cause permanent lung damage to children with long-term exposure. Not only fine dust, studies have also proven that the air in cars can contain thousands of other dangerous and polluting agents such as: dirt, carbon dioxide (CO2), smoke, bacteria, spilled food…

Understanding the concerns MG has equipped its two models MG HS and New MG ZS with PM 2.5 purified system directly in the air conditioning system. With the ability to assist in the removal of fine dust particles existing in the vehicle’s interior compartment, or other harmful substances or gases, this important feature will help the driver and passengers enjoy the journey with quality, optimal air volume, limiting adverse health effects or related to air pollution problems in general or fine dust in particular.

In addition, on MG HS 1.5T Trophy and 2.0T Trophy versions, MG also equip negative ion generators to quickly improve air quality. Through this, the system will act as a shield, against the ingress of polluted air into the cabin, keeping the air in each MG always clear, clean, healthy, even in bad weather conditions, even in Covid period. According to studies, negative ions also have the effect of reducing fatigue and stress, supporting the absorption of oxygen…, thereby bringing many benefits to passengers and drivers, especially those long journey, high concentration requirement.

According to the recommendations of MG Motor engineers, in order to maintain the effectiveness of the PM 2.5 purified system in an optimal way, customers should change the filter according to the periodic maintenance period. Please visit website: to register for a test drive and experience this unique feature on 2 models MG HS and New MG ZS.

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