MG MAZE – “Get out & play”

24/09/2021     |     Global news

Our lives have become more limited during the past 18 months. We have been restricted, confined and bound. Escapism has been sought through digital means, portals to safer places, scenarios to explore, and to roam free, all from the comfort of our homes.
We are now re-emerging from our lock down lives. Eager to explore and rediscover. Also apprehensive about what we might find.
Play is important. Discovery is important. Adventure is important.
MG MAZE is born from these testing times and aims to blow open the notion of mobility experience to a new generation. Taking inspiration from the experience of gaming and reimagining mobile games for the 21st century.

A bold and brave concept that celebrates the real and digital worlds, where drivers are players in a real world easter egg hunt of digital art in their cities.

MG MAZE conveys a real gaming experience through its open cockpit layout which offers a full panoramic view of the environment. The full polycarbonate shell canopy opens vertically allowing players to jump in through the front into the seats which extend too great them.
Players ride along using their phones as the access and control points for the car. A sophisticated User Interface overlays images and digital content with the occupant’s perspective.
The objective is to use the car to re-discover new content in once familiar surroundings, with endless possibilities. It’s visceral easter egg hunt, where players can compete to build status and scores in turn for rewards.
MG MAZE is an attempt to engage and create a smile for urban mobility. Playful and agile, the concept seeks to provide a truly engaging experience of mobility, across all ages, cultures and interests.

Design Background:
SAIC Design London Advanced Design Center was established on September 19, 2018. It is located in Marylebone in the center of London. It is one of the most important parts of SAIC Design. It mainly conducts comprehensive forward-looking design exploration from two aspects: cutting-edge design concepts and innovative workflows, and provides more international and globally competitive design and product concepts.
Through digital design process and advanced technology such as VR, it maintains real-time interaction with SAIC Design Headquarters in Shanghai, and continuously produces wonderful ideas about future mobility for the three major brands of SAIC Roewe, R and MG. Today is the third anniversary of the establishment of SAIC Design’s London Advanced Design Center. The outstanding London design team has prepared a special birthday gift-MG MAZE Concept Car.

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