MG ONE with SIGMA Architecture World Premiere

09/08/2021     |     Global news

On July 30, MG’s another smart SUV – MG ONE, made its world debut in Shanghai. The new model pursues the design concept that combines the ultimate performance aesthetics with the cutting-edge digital experience. MG ONE innovatively adopts the design technic of “one body with two styles” to represent the two characters of MG ONE: digital intelligent sporty & tech fashionable, to in accordance with the needs of different groups of users.

Defining the trend image of SUV in the smart era

As MG’s blockbuster model of the year, the name of MG ONE is very meaningful. The first letter O of ONE, which can be understood as the English word ORIGIN,  which means that MG ONE has grown from zero, from 0 to 1, dare to innovate and set new rules. MG ONE is based on SAIC Motor’s new architecture SIGMA. The second letter “N” of ONE is from the word TWIN, which means the intelligent twin of MG ONE, two sides of one body. Neo, which means “new” in Greek, is also the origin of “E” in the third layer of ONE. MG will apply the latest design aesthetics and the smartest cockpit to create “The One” for young hearted people.


SIGMA Architecture endures MG ONE a super experience

SAIC Motor Intelligent Global Architecture – SIGMA, is a new generation of architecture developed by SAIC Motor for the intelligent era. SIGMA architecture is an aggregate-it integrates SAIC Motor’s latest wisdom and abilities. It’s a perfect fusion of the beauty of machinery and intelligence which transcending the battle between horsepower and computing power.

The SIGMA architecture extends the limits of automotive platforms. Through the flexible combination of more than 100 kinds of modules, it can create a variety of body types such as hatch & notch, sports car, off-road SUV, etc., to meet the user’s multi-scene and diversified needs; covering 4 segments and 5 categories, from compact to mid-to-high-end full coverage of models.


The SIGMA structure can compress the mechanical space of the automobile to the minimum, and develop an interior space efficiency of up to 70%. With the help of the SIGMA, MG ONE can balance the exterior shape and interior space from the beginning, making the interior space layout more in line with ergonomics. SIGMA can provide a larger range of power and torque powertrains, a new generation of engines with a response speed of 20% better, and more hybrid drive methods. SIGMA can also achieve a lower gravity of the vehicle and a higher torsional rigidity of the body structure, meeting the world’s highest safety standards.


The SIGMA architecture adopts a new generation of electronic system to support the hard core strength of MG ONE’s leading intelligent technology. SIGMA integrates different cyber communication technologies such as CAN FD, Gigabit Ethernet, and 5G to ensure that the vehicle has a sufficiently powerful brain; through the multi-sensor fusion of intelligent driving systems such as radar, camera, high-precision map, and high-precision location technology, it can realize high-speed to low-speed full-scenario intelligent driving and L3+ autonomous driving.

SIGMA’s super “vitality” can provide users with a human-centered, unbounded interactive experience, from EMI interaction outside the car to multi-screen interaction inside the car; it will bring users the five-sense interaction of sound and light. SIGMA can also realize the iterative evolution of full scenarios, facing the entire life cycle of the vehicle, orientable, subscribable, and tailorable, empowering the self-evolving intelligence of MG ONE.


From the mechanical age to the intelligent era, SAIC Motor has independently developed two generations of architecture. The SIGMA super architecture is the second-generation designed by SAIC Motor for the intelligent era. It not only represents the ultimate height of the fuel age, but also laid the foundation for SAIC Motor to enter the intelligent era.

As a new compact SUV, the world premiere of MG ONE has fully verified that the SIGMA architecture gives it a more distinguish design. Thanks to the SIGMA architecture, MG ONE has achieved the best of both worlds in digital intelligent sporty & tech fashionable for all young hearted consumers.

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