New MG5 has won Japan’s Good Design Award (G-Mark)

05/11/2021     |     Global news

Recently, Japan’s Good Design Award (G-Mark), one of the world’s four major design awards, was officially announced, and the brand new MG5 designed by SAIC Motor is on the list, fully demonstrating its superb design standards and excellent quality.

The new MG5 won the 2021 Japan Good Design Award G-Mark

As one of the four top design awards recognized in the world, the Japanese Good Design Award G-Mark is highly authoritative. The judges include more than 90 international top design masters, including Kenya Hara. The award is only awarded to products that are considered to enhance the quality of life for consumers. Any product that has received the “G” (Good Design) mark represents a double guarantee of design and quality. In 2021, the all-new MG5 won this award from the 5835 entries.

As a sporty and trendy fastback vehicle for young-hearted consumers, the new MG5 adopts the design language of “burning technology aesthetics”, and strives to create a new sportsism with universal value. Relies on its styling, performance, quality, intelligence and safety aspects, the five surpassing product strengths have created a new sporty vehicle category for the generation of young people, setting a new benchmark for the A-class market.

The new MG5 adopts a four-door fastback design, with a slip-back tailgate and a very emotional design language, which perfectly combines the sporty temperament of a sports car with the practical value of a sedan. As the G-Mark Organizing Committee quoted “This product has a very compelling concept”. It is not difficult to see from its concise and capable shape that the target audience of this compact car is young-hearted people.

New MG5

In terms of exterior design, the new MG5 highly adheres to the unique form of the European coupe. The posture of the back seat and the extremely resilient leopard jump shoulder line, showing a pure European sports style. In addition, the new MG5 adopts the nuclear yellow color, using the “magic” MOFA process for grinding, presenting the visual impact of racing sports, giving people the impact and shock of nuclear energy blasting.

For interior design, the new MG5 focuses on creating an experience like a piloting aircraft. The instrument visor diverges on both sides with the steering wheel as the axis. Opening the door is like entering the cockpit of a fighter jet, bring full driving desire. Moreover, the car is also equipped with trendy technology equipment such as the Yamaha music cockpit and the intelligent system to achieve a more balanced and comprehensive product experience to meet the needs of the users.

As a car brand with a history of nearly a hundred years, MG has used sports as its core aspiration since its birth. The design of the new MG5 reflects the sense of movement and fashion everywhere, letting people enjoy the speed and passion. The 1.5T model is equipped with a MEGA Tech 1.5T four-cylinder high-efficiency engine and a 7-speed three-chamber wet dual-clutch gearbox. It achieves 173PS maximum horsepower and 275N·m maximum torque, which is superior to the same level, and accelerates to 100 kilometers in 8 seconds, the whole system is equipped with XDS cornering artifact as standard.

New MG5

The all-new MG5 also has a smart driving system. It comes with an MG exclusive AI assistant, supports 90 seconds of continuous dialogue, full access to Alipay applets and other Ali ecology, and can realize the interconnection of cars and make cars more “feel you”. In terms of safety, the new MG5 is equipped with the MG PILOT intelligent driving assistance system, which includes 360° panoramic imaging system, ACC full-speed adaptive cruise, AEB automatic emergency braking, SAS intelligent speed system and other safety assistance functions.

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