MG Vietnam Drives The Future at VMS 2022

26/10/2022 | News-events
  • Drive the Future” is the key message of MG Vietnam in Vietnam Motor Show 2022
  • Proudly bringing 02 outstanding electric cars MG Marvel R and All-New MG4, as well as 02 popular cars in Vietnam as MG5 and MG ZS.
  • Introducing MG’s technologies include Modular Scalable Platform (MSP), MG PilotMG iSMART and BRIT DYNAMIC.


Inspired by iconic values and cherishing the legacy of previous generations that deliver performance and sporty style, MG Vietnam continues to bring exciting, unique experiences at the first time attending Vietnam Motor Show.




MG (an abbreviation of Morris Garages) a British Automotive marque founded in 1924, is known as one of the oldest car brands in the UK with a legacy of nearly 100 years. During the process of formation and development, MG cars had broken more than 40 world speed records and won a lot of trophies from the races all over the world along with its growing popularity.


For MG Vietnam, “Drive the Future” originates from inheriting symbolic values and cherishing the heritages of our preceding generations. It is showed clearly in both the performance and sporty design lines of contemporary MG models such as MG ZS, MG HS & MG5. Moreover, MG Vietnam also expresses a progressive spirit, always listening and the desire to constantly improve service quality in order to bring the best value to customers, also to contribute to level up the Vietnam Automobile Market.


Aside from a system of over 30 dealerships nationwide, a team of skilled technicians, modern and abundant facilities, MG Vietnam provides one of the best after-sales policy in the market (with 5-year unlimited mileage warranty and 5 years MG Care 24/7 Roadside Assistance).




At VMS 2022, besides MG ZS and All-New MG5, 2 models gradually become the favorite choices of the Vietnamese market, MG Vietnam would like to introduce to customers 2 EV models of MG Marvel R and All-New MG4Both models are equipped with the most modern technologies that MG Global is developing on the progress of "Drive the Future".


MG Marvel R is a full battery-electric SUV model with refined design and hi-tech. The most advanced edition - MG Marvel R Performance will be introduced at VMS 2022. The futuristic concept, which is presented on a body with 4.674 mm in length, 1.919 mm in width, 1.613 mm in height, and 2.804 mm wheelbase, gives the car a dynamic appearance.



MG Marvel R is equipped with 70 kWh battery, 7kW AC charger Type 2 with 10.5 hours for full charge  and DC-CCS2 Fast Charger reliably delivers capacity from 5% to 80% in 43 minutes, and also expands the WLTP range of the car up to 402km.



Getting inside the car, MG Marvel R’s interior is highlighted with the spaciousness feeling and 19.4” Touch Screen Infotainment system, bringing impressive experience to the driver.



The modernity of the MG Marvel R is not only reflected in the design language, but also can be clearly felt when you sit behind the wheel. The power of the car comes from Tri-motor AWD (one on the front and two on the rear axle), which creates 212 kWh (288 Hp) and 665 Nm performance. It helps the vehicle accelerate from 0-100km/h in just 4.9 seconds and achieve a maximum speed of 200 km/h. Thanks to that, MG Marvel R brings the excitement and realistic feeling to the passengers. The model is also integrated with the MG Pilot advanced driver assistance system with many safety features, making each journey easier. 



All-New MG4 is the state-of-art electric Cross-Hatch (Crossover and Hatchback) model based on the intelligent new MSP (“Modular Scalable Platform”), developed by MG Motor. This is also one of the MG’s key models in global market, especially in Europe. With a length of 4.287 mm, a width of 1.836 mm, 1.504 mm in height and 2.705mm wheelbaseAll-New MG4 owns an eye-catching style. The cabin is designed to focus on expanding the experience of the driver with a streamlined inspiration, a 2-spoke steering wheel, a 7’’ sophisticated virtual cluster, next to the 10.25’’ touch screen control.




The All-New MG4 uses the flattest battery developed by SAIC Motor. With a height of just 110 mm - even the thinnest in its class, the battery offers the capacity of 51 kWh, and a WLTP range of up to 350 kilometers. DC-CCS2 Fast Charger makes it possible to charge the battery from 10% to 80% in just 40 minutes, while the 7kW AC Charger Type 2 allows for a full charge overnight (7.5 hours). The All-New MG4 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 8.5 seconds, while the top speed is set at 160 km/h. The MG Pilot advanced driver assistance system is also integrated on this model, supplying the peace of mind to the passengers.


With the V2L (Vehicle to Load) feature, the battery’s energy of both MG Marvel R and MG4 could be used for everyday purposes like charging your e-scooter or e-bike. You can even hook up the electric BBQ once you’ve found that perfect picnic spot.


Apart from the EV models, MG Vietnam also brings impressive experience to the exhibition with models that are popular in the Vietnamese market. While the All-New MG5 carries MG sporty heritage, bringing a dynamic and “Coupe Style Sedan” appearance, MG ZS - the refined B-SUV in Vietnam, brings harmony by fulfilling every demand for Performance, Handling and Safety through BRIT DYNAMIC concept.




Beside modern products presented, MG Vietnam proudly introduce MG PilotMG iSMART and, Modular Scalable Platform (MSP)which clearly embody the spirit of “Drive the Future” at VMS 2022.


The new MSP has been designed to maximize battery efficiency, with concerted efforts to further reduce weight and allow scalable range and performance for a wide variety of customer requirements, offering enhanced interior space and luggage capacity. Thereby, it brings comfort to the user, while also helping to optimize the operating experience.


This platform is designed for a wide range of  vehicles. It can be used in models across different vehicle segments, from hatchback to SUV, and  produced cars whose wheelbase sizes are from 2.650 mm to 3.100 mm. MSP is easily customized to be fit for the other types of suspension and chassis, and even can be integrated on sports cars with low chassis. This is one of MGs foundational technologies for future electric product lines.


The “ONE PACK Battery” is an innovative designed battery, put on MSP. With its recumbent battery cell arrangement, the minimuheight of the battery can reach to an industry-leading 110 mm and results in a substantial increase in effective space utilization.


 Benefiting from the “ONE PACK Battery” design, the future EV of MG has an edge in its class in terms of interior space, weight, and safety. Due to its new architecture, the car offers more interior space within the same exterior dimensions. It also assists to reduce the vehicle weight, which is extremely beneficial for efficiency and handling characteristics.


Meanwhile, the MG iSMART integrates cars, internet and user communication for real-time functional information and personalized entertainment, offering another level of technology experience. Through a smart phone application, driver can operate several key functions using hands-free voice control as music, navigation, phone, and vehicle control. MG iSMART makes the user and the vehicle interact with each other directly, seamlessly throughout the journey.


In addition to the technologies that assists customers enjoy every ride, MG also enhances the user's safe experience with the futuristic hi-tech as MG Pilot. The advanced driver-assistance system and warning features such as lane keeping, automatic braking, or adaptive cruise control help maintain safety and simplify everyday driving, thereby bringing  peace of mind to the driver on every trip.


Especially, BRIT DYNAMIC standard British DNA applied on all MG models – is expressed via Outstanding Performance, Superb Handling, Sporty Design and Synchronized Protection System, which delivers a spirit of freedom & safety to every journey.


Welcome to the MG booth at Vietnam Motor Show 2022 (Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center SECC - 799 Nguyen Van Linh Street, District 7, Hochiminh City) from Oct 26th to Oct 30th, 2022 to experience the unique and exciting vehicles including MG ZS Smart Up, MG5, MG4 và Marvel R from Britain car brand.