Mini-game contest "Join the game - Win the gifts from LFC"

25/07/2021 | News-events

In order to appreciate customers for accompanying MG brand during the past 1 year, MG Motor - The official global partner of Liverpool FC since 2019 would like to hold a mini-game contest "Join the game - Win the gifts LFC".

The minigame takes place at Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/mgmotor.com.vn July 25, 2021 to 24h on August 25, 2021.

Step 1: Like MG Vietnam Fanpage and Share the minigame post in public mode with hashtag #MGMotor #MGVietnam #MGxLFC #Global_Partner
Step 2: Watch the video below or see the details of the question below:


Question 1: When was the MG brand born?
A: 1924
B: 1925
Question 2: What is the first MG model officially launched in Vietnam?
Question 3: MGs first electric roadster concept car is Cyberster. True or False?
A: True
B: Another answer
Question 4: When did MG start becoming a Global partner of Liverpool FC?
A: 2019
B: 2020

Step 2: Comment the answers to the questions on the video
Step 3: Comment with the answer to the 3-digit lucky number, tag at least 5 friends.


- 01 T-shirt signed by Liverpool FC players
- 04 MG T-shirts and hats

Time: From July 25, 2021 to the end of August 25, 2021



- The organizers will use the last 3 numbers of the Northern Lottery special prize on August 26, 2021 to choose 1 player to receive a gift.
1 lucky player is the one who answers the question correctly and has 3 lucky numbers that match or are close to the last 3 numbers of the Northern Lottery special prize on August 26, 2021 and fully comply with the regulations. of the program.
- 04 MG T-shirts and hats are for 04 people who answer correctly and have the next lucky number that matches or is lower or approximates the next lottery result on August 26 and fully complies with the programs regulations.
- In case there are many people with the same number, the awarding order will be based on the earlier comment time, then the closest numbers will be considered (priority for the nearest smaller number and also priority according to the comment time).

- Complete the above steps.
- Each customer is only allowed to participate once, edited comments will be invalid.
- Winners are fans of MG Vietnam, personal acs have at least 200 friends (set to public) and have real friends interaction within 3 months (like, share, comment).
- Facebook ac is only used to share many posts of brands that are not considered to win prizes.
- Winners will be announced by MG Vietnam after verifying the information according to the programs regulations.
- MG Vietnam is only based on the content displayed on personal Facebook at the time of filtering the winning list. Inquiries about Facebook display errors are not accepted.
- The decision of the Organizer is final. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify the winning result if it receives a report and has evidence of fraud.