The promotion program "Buy MG - Win UK Holiday"

17/08/2020 | News-events
  1. Promotion name: “Buy MG - Win UK Holiday”
    Applied time: From 01/08/2020 to 31/10/2020 or the time when 500 lottery tickets are handed out, whichever comes first
  2. Applied location: nationwide
  3. Formality: lucky draw
  4. Participation conditions: All customers (individuals or company/organization) who purchase MG on different variants at MG authorized dealers nationwide during the promotion period have to meet the 3 following conditions as follows:

(1) To sign the contract

(2) To complete 100% payment for the Dealers

(3) To be issued financial invoices within the promotion period at MG Authorized Dealers nationwide

- In case companies or organizations buy the cars, the qualified customers are those who are authorized by their companies/organizations and have to possess “The Power of Attorney for buying cars” which is sealed by these corporations).

- The promotion program is not applied to those canceling the purchase contract during the promotion period.

- The program is not applied to those who buy fleet sales (above 5 cars) and the partners exchanging products with TCSV Vietnam (TCSV Vietnam exchanges cars to buy advertising services with its partners).

  1. Prize:

01 holiday to the UK in 6 days 4 nights for 2 people worth 200 million VND

  1. Regulations:

- During the promotion period, customers qualified in Section 5 will receive a lucky draw ticket.

- MG Dealers will hand out a maximum of 01 lucky draw ticket for 01 person per 01 vehicle after the customer is issued with a financial invoice.

- The number of tickets is not dependent on the number of cars and the number of vehicles purchased.

- When receiving the coupons, the customers fill enough information in two copies. Afterward, customers put Copy 1 in the box at MG Dealers and keep Copy 2 as evidence.

- The organizer will hold the lucky draw ceremony on 15 November 2020 at MG Vietnam Representative Office (Floor 3, PVI Building, 01 Pham Van Bach Street, Cau Giay , Hanoi)

- The organizer will detect the winner based on the information on copy 1 and the copy 2

- Within 30 days since the day of drawing lots, the organizer will award the winner at the MG Dealers where the customers purchased the car.

- When receiving the award, the winner issues an ID card/Passport card with the provided information.

  1. Other regulations:

- The program is not applicable to all employees of TCSV, the staff of MG Dealers and their spouses.

- The winner needs to pay extra expenses incurred in receiving the prize (travel expenses...) as well as irregular income taxes and taxes according to the States regulations.

- The organizer has the right to use the winners information and images on appropriate advertising activities with the consent of customers.

- The organizer will announce the result on MG Official Fanpage, website and contact the winner in person.

- The organizer is responsible for storing customers proof of winning such as photos of the award ceremony, drivers license number, ID card, winning ticket, etc.

- Prizes cannot be exchanged to cash

- In case of force majeure such as flood, fire, storm, earthquake, tsunami, war, riot, coup, strike, embargo, change of government policy, in which the trip is delayed after the time of winning announcement, the benefits of customers are still reserved.

- In case customers are unable to participate in the program or are in a difficult situation to go abroad, the prize will be transferred to the family or relatives, friends of the winner. When receiving the prize, the transferee must present: “prize transfer note” signed by both parties, copy 2 of the lucky draw, the ID card and a copy of the ID card of the prize transferor.

For more information, please contact the Marketing Department: 024 73000 916

E-mail: tcsv.socialmedia@tanchonggroup.com