All newly purchased MG vehicles will have a certain warranty duration. Details of the warranty policy are as below.

Applicable to MG cars distributed by TC Services Vietnam, registered and operating within the territory of Vietnam.

Applies to the next owner if the car is in warranty condition.

Vehicles delivered to customers are warranted for either a designated period of time or a specific mileage whichever comes first. The warranty period shall begin the date when the vehicle is delivered to the customer or the vehicle is first used as a demonstrator or dealer’s vehicle.

With Passenger vehicle: 60 months unlimited mileage; Transport business vehicle: 36 months or 100,000km (whichever comes first).

  1. Assembly Replacement: The basic warranty policy is limited to the repair or replacement of parts found to be defective. When a component part of an assembly is found to be defective and such a part is available, replacement of the entire assembly is not covered by warranty. Assembly replacements are permitted only when the parts of an assembly cannot be repaired or replaced separately due to safety or other reasons, or the damage is serious and replacement of assembly is more economical than repair or replacement of damaged component parts.
  2. Paint:  The warranty covers the repair for paint defects, and the warranty period is same as vehicle warranty period. However, Dealer has the responsibility to cover minor imperfections in the paint finish as part of Pre-Delivery service. Minor scratches, blemishes or other surface defects in the paint which can be fixed by polishing, light sanding or brush touch-up are not considered as claimable defects.
  3. Service Supplies: Items such as oil grease, radiator coolant, transmission or hydraulic fluid and refrigerant are covered only when they need to be used in performance of warranty or campaign work. In other words, adding or replacing these supplies required for normal maintenance service and during use of vehicle is not covered by warranty.

1. Maintenance Service: Normal maintenance service such as, but not limited to, the following is not covered by warranty. Any failures resulting a lack of maintenance are not covered by warranty: Fuel system cleaning, Wheel balancing, Engine tune-up, Brake inspection and adjustment, Clutch system adjustment, Replacement of consumable parts.

2. Items Affected by Wear, Exposure, etc: Soft trim and interior trim, Plated parts, bumpers and other appearance items, Wiper blades, Brake linings or brake pads, brake drums or discs, Clutch disc, Shock absorbers, Rubber materials such as hoses, belts.

3. Damage due to environmental conditions: which is caused by industrial, chemical or other airborne fallout, salt, sap, pollen, sand, hair, windstorm, lightening, or other environmental conditions are not covered by warranty.

4. Damage due to Improper Use: Any damages or failures resulting improper use such as the following are not covered by warranty: Handling and operation of the vehicle contrary to the instructions in the Owner’s Manual, Lack of performance of proper maintenance service, Use of the vehicle in races, rallies and other competitive events, Use of improper or dirty fuel, oils or fluids, Over loading, Off-road use, Damage claimed in late which caused an increase in the damage itself or which caused additional or subsequent to the vehicle due to the delayed repair.

5. Transportation Damage: Any damages or losses incurred during transportation to the aftersales service workshop are not covered by warranty.

6. Non-Genuine Part: Any damages or declines in vehicle performance and/or reliability resulting the use of non-genuine parts are not covered by warranty.

7. Odometer Alteration: No coverage is provided to any vehicles on which the odometer mileage has been altered and the actual mileage cannot be readily determined.

8. Incidental Expense: Incidental expenses resulting defects in material or workmanship of any parts of vehicle are not covered by warranty. Such expenses include Telephone expenses, Vehicle rental charge, Towing charge, Travel, lodging or meals expenses, Loss or damage to personal property, Lost time, business and commercial loss, Compensation for inconvenience to customers

9. Very Slight Troubles are generally not accepted as warranty claim caused by defect in material and workmanship, and/or same as the difficulties, which happens in very special operation only.

10. Troubles Caused by Repair of the Not-authorized MG Dealer..

11. Performance of noticed field fixes (Service Campaign): Unexpected incident or damage of specific parts, in case that the trouble or damage happen due to missing the field fix (Service Campaign) within applied date, it is not accepted as warranty.

12. General Exclusions: Damages to vehicles or parts due to Accident, Theft, Fire, Repair, Replace, Disturbance, War, Natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, etc.) are not covered by warranty.